As network usage on Ethereum has soared between fall of 2020 and into 2021, the Ethereum layer two scaling solution race has also been picking up steam. The abundance of new DeFi protocols put tremendous pressure onto Ethereum’s existing layer one infrastructure, which caused gas prices to skyrocket while significantly slowing down the network. With Ethereum struggling to keep up, Polygon (previously known as Matic) stepped up to the plate and came to be known as a refuge for DeFi projects. …

A cursory glance at the slew of DeFi projects that have taken shape over the last 12 months seems to reveal that the market is saturated with seemingly endless amounts of fresh projects launching. Once you understand that, it’s easy to draw the conclusion that the market itself is overvalued and there are no truly innovative players with the ability to further accelerate the progress of decentralized finance.

However, once in a while a project comes along that has the power to revolutionize the way we think about this industry itself, to shift the very ground underneath our feet. …

The Unreal Finance team is proud to announce that our funding rounds have successfully concluded. This represents a major step forward for Unreal and our community. Next stop — our IDO!

Unreal Finance is poised to revolutionize the $34B+ DeFi lending space. The gravity of our mission has attracted the attention of a plethora of major industry players; the interest in our Unreal Finance has been quite literally off the charts, with each team member working non-stop to accommodate the many calls, requests and general enquiries from the crypto-sphere and venture capital world.

We have now raised a total of…

As Unreal Finance is a truly revolutionary protocol in the DeFi space, it can be difficult to fully appreciate the gravity of what our team is creating.

To put things into perspective, the global lending market size is currently over $6.9 trillion with a compounded annual growth rate of 14.8%. However, the market size of decentralized lending protocols on Ethereum is currently only $30 billion, which represents only 0.43% of the total global lending markets.

Enabling a higher fund utilization ratio for decentralized lending unlocks a tremendous amount of liquidity that can be freely traded through the ecosystems, thus helping…

The pace of progress at the Unreal Finance decentralized HQ is phenomenal. Our development has been accelerating rapidly as we approach the launch of our MVP platform. In addition, in the last month alone we have produced our roadmap, published our litepaper, conducted multiple community outreach sessions in the form of AMAs and, perhaps most importantly, conducted our pre-IDO on the innovative Genesis Shards platform.

“We believe efficiency and speed is integral to our mission. No matter the broader market conditions, we will continue to push ahead with full vigour.”
- Ishan Garg, Founder and CEO.

Read below for a…

Achieving our aim of revolutionizing the decentralized lending space will be no small feat. As with any innovator, we need strong partners backing us to make a lasting impact. Unreal Finance is therefore excited to announce our partnership with Los Angeles-based blockchain marketing & advisory firm Lunar Digital Assets.

Since their establishment in 2017, Lunar Digital Assets (LDA) has quickly risen to become one of the premier marketing and consultancy firms in the space. …

We are introducing Unreal Finance, an on-chain decentralized yield futures platform with a mission of allowing people to “earn future yield instantly”.

Unreal Finance

Tokenize Future Yield

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