Future Proof Futures: Installment #3

Unreal Finance
3 min readOct 19, 2021

Following on from last week’s deep dive on the key differences between Unreal and Pendle Finance, this week we will be focusing on comparing our product to APWine. Soon, we will release our limited testnet, so it’s important for us to keep focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of our competition so we can refine our product to claim the title of the most advanced yield futures protocol.

According to APWine, they “Speculate on the evolution of the yield generated by different DeFi protocols.” Indeed the protocol offers a yield futures marketplace, similar to the one Unreal will soon make available; however, although APwine’s protocol is visible on Awesome Polygon, whether or not they will embrace layer 2 is unknown. Unreal already has! While Ethereum is the largest addressable market for DeFi, a growing percentage of DeFi transactions are occurring on layer 2 solutions like Polygon and other more cost-effective sidechains.

To maximize value for both retail and institutions, yield futures protocols should adapt to an increasingly multichain world. This flexibility to use more cost effective chains — like Polygon — for smaller DeFi transactions while offering the unparalleled security of Ethereum’s mainnet for larger transactions is a best of both worlds approach, and that’s what makes Unreal truly unique.

Another way in which Unreal differs from APWine is in its access to DeFi primitive. Primitive is a decentralized option market protocol that allows platforms to build on top of existing ecosystems like Ethereum and soon will allow protocols to build applications on top of Unreal, similar to stacking legos, but for DeFi. These applications can then use future yields to their advantage by utilizing that yield in the present.

DeFi primitives are a very important part of the industry’s infrastructure. The ability to provide liquidity on a vast array of different protocols will give Unreal’s users access to more ways to fix, speculate, hedge, and trade yield than other protocols offer.

APWine may have the first mover advantage within the yield futures space, but we believe that with our multichain integrations, access to DeFi primitive, and flexible approach, Unreal will open up the market up to a whole new world of participants.

As anticipation builds for our upcoming Beta launch, now is the time to join our growing, amazing community of DeFi enthusiasts like you! Stop by any of our social platforms today to connect with thousands of people who share your interest in decentralized finance and maybe much more.

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