Unreal Will Launch on Polygon; Taking Layer 2’s Lending Markets by Storm


  • Unreal’s multi-chain protocol will soon expand to include Polygon in addition to its birthplace, Ethereum
  • Unreal will expand its strong DeFi ecosystem on Polygon to enable users to purchase our UGT token and stake on our protocol without paying high gas fees
  • Anyone with assets on Polygon will soon be able to use Unreal’s protocol to maximize their yield
  • Unreal joins other DeFi heavyweights like Aave, Curve, ParaSwap, and UniLend, etc by expanding our platform to Polygon

DeFi never sleeps; however, it does seem to occasionally hibernate, especially on certain chains that have slow transaction times and high gas fees. Fortunately, Polygon isn’t one of those chains. Lightning fast transactions and next-to-zero gas fees make Polygon particularly attractive for new users. Recently, Polygon has been experiencing rapid and unprecedented growth, even in the midst of what may be a cooling off period for much of the DeFi landscape.That’s why Unreal will soon be launching our token and protocol on Polygon in addition to our birthplace of Ethereum.

Unreal will enable all of Polygon’s users to lock in fixed interest rates on lending and borrowing and realize previously inaccessible liquidity from yield today. Anyone with locked liquidity will soon be able to tokenize their yield and start earning even more passive income.

As a community-first project, we’re excited to contribute to Polygon’s ever-growing community and to offer Unreal’s existing users a better user experience.

Polygon vs Ethereum: Differences in User Experience

We’ve previously documented some of the differences in user experience between Polygon and Ethereum, but that was before our own IDO and trading of UGT on UniSwap were impacted. Although we’re still thrilled with the participation we got for our IDO, we realize that it could have been easier for the many people who wanted to buy $UGT to do so. If only we’d launched on Polygon.

At Unreal, we want to provide our customers with the best user experience possible, and we know that low gas fees are a part of that positive experience. But low gas fees aren’t the only reason that many prefer to transact on Polygon. Among the platform’s many advantages are:

✅ Lightning-fast transaction times

✅ Near-zero gas fees

✅ More environmentally-friendly than PoW chains

✅ Its strong and dedicated core team

These advantages are quickly making Polygon a notable name in the DeFi space.

We’re proud to be launching Unreal on Polygon, and we look forward to expanding our next-generation yield futures platform on the Polygon Network!

Polygon Fixes This!

At Unreal, our goal has always been to be a multi-chain protocol. Wherever there are stakers with inaccessible liquidity who want to tokenize their yield to lock in a fixed interest rate, Unreal wants to operate. As Ethereum’s leading Layer 2 scaling-solution, launching on Polygon first seems like a natural choice. Additionally, because we want to provide Unreal’s users with the best possible experience, we intend to take advantage of the low gas fees and lightning fast transaction times available on the network.

We want $UGT to be easy to buy with almost no fees, but looking at the chart from above, we can see that isn’t possible on the Ethereum mainchain. An average swap on UniSwap costs nearly $35, which is prohibitively expensive for many DeFi users. That’s why UGT will soon be available on QuickSwap. QuickSwap is a fork of UniSwap and Polygon’s largest DEX. We believe that moving a portion of our liquidity to Polygon will enable more adoption of UGT and Unreal.

Join us in Celebration!

We’ve had such an exciting DeFi summer so far, and we hope you’ll stay with us as we embark on the next leg of our multi-chain journey: Polygon!

Unreal is confident that our community will benefit from Polygon’s lightning fast transaction times and low gas fees. We believe that by expanding, we’ll lower the barrier of entry to DeFi and make our protocol more accessible to a wider array of users.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this new expansion. Come meet your fellow Unreal aficionados today on one of our many social channels.

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