Unreal Partners with Decentralized Powerhouse Centaur

Unreal Finance
3 min readOct 29, 2021

Strong projects become stronger through supportive partnerships working synergistically with like minded protocols to blaze a new trail through the growing world of decentralized finance. With this in mind, Unreal is planning to support & integrate Centaur with our Unreal yield futures platform. The progress Centaur’s forward thinking team has made within the field of wallets, synthetics, and AMMs is impressive, and as our article will show, the possibilities for integrating Unreal’s yield futures protocol with Centaur are limitless.

Centaur is building an all-encompassing product suite specialising in DeFi solutions. These solutions include a wallet, decentralised exchange and a blockchain, which are designed for individuals and enterprise users alike. — Centaur Finance

The users of Centaur’s multiple products can undoubtedly benefit from the unprecedented control of yield that Unreal allows for its users. This strategic advantage will allow its users to compound their returns quicker, deploying capital into yield bearing assets at a rate never before seen. We’ve also often spoken about how such control over yield within volatile markets is precisely what is needed to entice more institutional players to use DeFi protocols like Centaur. Thus, accommodating these needs through Unreal will facilitate the flow of institutional capital into the ecosystem.

In addition to UGT gaining access to Centaur’s trading & liquidity pools, this integration will also enable the swap of Centaur’s native tokens — CNTR/WHEY — to be included in our supported tokens, giving their holders access to the full range of yield fixing, trading, and arbitrage functionalities that Unreal provides. As the partnership further deepens, we see the potential for additional products to be built with Unreal’s protocol acting as an underlying framework. One example is a yield insurance policy for those providing liquidity via Centaur Swap.

Because Centaur is a multi asset, multichain protocol, it will not only fit seamlessly with our multichain vision, but will also facilitate the creation of synthetic tokenized assets on which users can earn yield. That contract could then be augmented with our yield futures contracts to bring the full power of Unreal’s platform to bear against synthetic assets, which would be a truly revolutionary step. Imagine yield trading on derivatives of real world assets.

This partnership also sees UGT being added to Hadar, Centaur’s mobile friendly multi asset wallet. The Hadar wallet is a multi-asset, multi-address wallet that provides a seamless interface across a myriad of blockchain protocols. It will include native integrations for DeFi use cases such as swaps and lending, while focusing on a sleek user experience.

For those willing to act boldly, to forge new partnerships with other complimentary protocols in this new world of digitized assets, the future looks bright. With the powerful suite of decentralised protocols Centaur provides paired with the powerful array of yield futures tools provided by Unreal, our users can expect big things in the months to come.

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