The Most Unreal IDO of All Time — Join Us on CardStarter

Unreal Finance
4 min readAug 11, 2021


  • Unreal’s IDO will launch on CardStarter on August 23rd, 2021 at 3pm UTC
  • We’re working with CardStarter because of their vast extended network and sterling reputation
  • CardStarter’s cross-chain launchpad aligns with Unreal’s vision of being a multi-chain yield futures platform

On August 23rd, Unreal Finance and CardStarter will deliver a paradigm-shifting IDO. In this article, we take a deep dive into CardStarter to inform our community why we chose to work with them, what value they can add, and what their track record looks like. At Unreal Finance, our guiding principles are centered around supporting the DeFi community, as such it’s important to Ishan and his team that Unreal operates transparently and that the community understands why we choose our partners and exactly what they bring to the table.

Introducing CardStarter

CardStarter is the first fully insured cross-chain accelerator and swapping platform designed to connect early-stage innovators with a community of donors and investors. They provide $CARDS token holders with early access and guaranteed allocations to seed rounds, presales, and private sales.

We believe Unreal will benefit greatly from CardStarter’s vast extended network. With nearly 15k Telegram subscribers and 34k Twitter followers, CardStarter’s large and growing community will help Unreal reach many who may not have heard of us otherwise. In addition to their extensive social network, many $CARDS holders are not subscribed to their social platforms, meaning our access to potential investors is even greater than meets the eye. Check out some of their previous launches to get an idea of past performance here!

As you can see from this image, CardStarter, like many launchpad platforms, operates a tiered system based on the volume of support provided. The lower tiers are a lottery system with only the higher tiers being eligible for a guaranteed allocation.

In recent months, CardStarter has been gaining popularity. With a 24-hour trading volume that exceeds $6.5 million (at the time of writing), it’s safe to assume that there is significant interest in the CardStarter platform.

Visions aligned

Because CardStarter is positioned as a ‘cross-chain’ launchpad, it aligns with Unreal’s vision of being a multi-chain yield futures platform. We envision Unreal as an additional layer that sits on top of decentralized finance as a whole. Available for anyone to use, regardless of their token’s native chain. There will be demand for our platform wherever there is yield to be made, and the Unreal team is excited to fulfill that demand in the most efficient way possible — by utilizing a cross chain launchpad that fits well with our vision.


CardStarter is a popular cross-chain launchpad that has been gaining momentum since its inception earlier this year. It allows community members and $CARDS holders to participate in project launches. Ishan and the Unreal team feel certain that CardStarter can help to kick-off our inauguration into DeFi by providing exposure to their community members and the wider DeFi world. In addition, CardStarter’s vision as a ‘Cross-chain’ accelerator strongly correlates with our own ambitions to be a multi-chain protocol. We strongly believe that the future is interoperable. Unreal will be utilized wherever there is yield. So it’s important to us that we’re aligned with partners who share our vision. We’re thrilled to be launching our IDO on CardStarter on August 23rd, 2021. Please join us.

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