How to get an Unreal deal buying UGT on 1inch

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5 min readSep 10, 2021


In an unreal development, our governance token $UGT is now available for purchase on both Ethereum and Polygon. While some opt to buy the asset on their preferred DEX, others would rather use a DEX aggregator like 1inch Exchange to get the best price across all DEXs for a truly unreal deal! We can’t blame anyone for bargain hunting, and that’s why we’re going to show you exactly how to do it!

Step 1

Make sure that you have navigated to the correct URL.

Many fake websites pretend to be 1inch (and other DeFi sites) to steal unwitting people’s funds.

To stay safe, use the official site link from this tutorial and bookmark it in your browser. 1inch’s official URL is:

Step 2

Connect your wallet to 1inch.

Just select “Connect Wallet” in the upper right-hand corner of the interface.

1inch offers support for a number of crypto wallets and networks. Due to their vast popularity, for the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll be using Ethereum and MetaMask; however, it should be easy for those who wish to use another network or wallet to figure out how to do so from this guide.

Next, read through the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and click the box acknowledging that you have and you accept the terms. Then, select “Ethereum” as the network and “MetaMask” as the wallet.

Confirm the connection on MetaMask popup by selecting “Next” and “Connect”.

Once your wallet is connected, make sure that it contains enough ETH to cover the gas fees, plus the desired amount for your swap.

Step 3

Select the drop down menu marked “To (estimated)” for your trading pair.

Currently, UGT doesn’t show up when searching for the ticker symbol.

So you’ll need to copy and paste UGT’s smart contract address into the window. It’s 0x9cf98eb8a8b28c83e8612046cf55701ce3eb0063

Once you do, the full name, ticker symbol, and artwork for Unreal Governance Token will show up, confirming that you have the right token!

Click “Import”

A confirmation dialog will appear. Click “I understand” and “Import”

Now your trading pair will show UGT in the “To (estimated)” field, and once you’ve adjusted the desired trading amount, you can click “Swap”.

You’ll see a summary of your trade.

If you agree with the fees and amounts, click “Confirm Swap”.

Now click confirm within MetaMask (and use your hardware wallet to double confirm, if you use one).

Once your transaction is complete, you will see a success message from within 1inch.

Step 4

To view your new UGT balance in MetaMask, you will need to add the token.

Click the “Custom Token” tab, then paste in the smart contract address.

Then, click “Next”.

You will see the balance for your new UGT tokens

click “Add Tokens”.

Now your UGT balance will be easily viewable inside of MetaMask.

Congratulations! You’ve done it. You’ve used 1inch to maximize your UGT purchase by getting the best price across all Ethereum exchanges. Now that you’ve done so on Ethereum, you can easily figure out how to do the same on Polygon and additional chains UGT might be offered on in the future! Unreal savings are no longer a thing of the past!

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